Which is more important: Skills or A Degree?

March 20th, 2018

While applying for a job, managers look for candidates with an education degree. But the degree and qualification is not the only factor that is considered when checking if the candidate is suitable for the job. The skills and experiences one has play a major role when it comes to applying for a job. These two go hand in hand, and having both is important. A degree is a documentation of the individual’s skills. And the truth is that every person who has the skill may not have a degree to support it. Similarly, every degree holder may not have the required skills.

A degree is important, but the focus of a degree no longer holds as much importance. Nowadays, having a degree is important, but the area of focus of the degree does not hold much importance anymore. As jobs are becoming more fluid and less specific, the focus area of degrees is losing importance. Yet, having a degree is a prerequisite for entering the workforce and helps you while applying for a job. It has numerous advantages, some of which are as follows:

• A degree helps the recruiter understand the type of role the candidate is suitable for before the interview takes place.

• It is an authentication certificate stating that the candidate has the required knowledge and training for the job as he has received during his education.

• A degree comes with reputation and respect. The recruiter will form a respectable opinion of the candidate by looking at the degree.

• A degree earns money as well as status. Thus, a candidate with a higher degree than the other has a chance of getting paid more and getting absorbed at a higher position.

Skills are a requirement for every kind of job. Communication skills, time management skills, teamwork etc. are a requirement for any job and thus should be focused on. Though an educational degree is needed to back the skills, they still remain constant throughout every type of job. Skills show experiences that education cannot. They help the recruiter gauge how well you can handle challenges. Apart from this, following are a few more advantages of skills:

• A skill helps the candidate achieve goals and targets and put their education degree to practical use.

• Skills depict a candidate’s personality and values. A skill will show the recruiter how the candidate will fulfill the necessities of the job.

• Skills portray experiences as they help you develop habits and behaviors that may not have been possible during your education.

• Skills help you advance in a job, recruiters might see potential in candidates possessing skills such as time management, teamwork etc. This will help them see a future for the candidate in the organization.

All in all, the debate about which of the two is more important when applying for a job can be settled by saying that a degree is the theoretical evaluation of a concept that is abstract and so it needs to be supported with a set of skills. Thus, adding practicality to a degree. A degree does have its own vitality but it certainly needs to be supported with a set of skills. It is a stepping-stone in the formation of a set of skills, which in turn helps one succeed at one’s job.