The Guide To Employee Motivation.

March 13th, 2018

It is a continuous challenge to ensure motivation amongst employees in an organization. The responsibility lies with the manager and supervisors especially in an environment that does not focus on employee satisfaction. Thus, ensuring a perfect environment for employees to be motivated in is not possible. Even organizations functioning in an extremely supportive environment offer challenges to its employees. Managers and supervisors should try their level best to provide a motivating and supportive environment within the area of their responsibility. It is not possible to control everything or everyone; one should focus on the areas that are within our control.

Following are a few motivational techniques to try with employees:

1. Communicate regularly:

Communication is key and ensuring face-to-face interaction is very important to prevent any sort of misunderstanding. Employees must know that you’re open to communicating with them for anything they might require.

2. Let them they know they serve a purpose:

Employees must be made aware of their purpose. This will help them understand the vision and in turn ensure proper execution. They will then understand how they end up helping the organization as a whole and fit into the big picture.

3. Set small goals:

Setting weekly goals that employees will be able to achieve. Even if it is a big task, break it down and provide smaller goals for better execution. This will keep them motivated, as they will achieve a new goal every week.

4. Be open to feedback:

Ask employees for regular feedback and let them know where and when you implement it. This will let them know that they matter to the organization and that their feedback is being taken into consideration.

5. Recognize employee performance:

Recognizing employees for a good performance is vital. Many associate this with only monetary recognition. But small gestures such as verbal praise or a thank you note are also appreciated. A great manager is one who makes everyone feel that he is important while a great leader is one who makes the employee feel important. This feeling stems from recognition.

6. Maintain an involved and responsive relationship:

Managers must maintain a healthy relationship with their team. Small things such as checking in with them every day, apologizing for your own mistakes etc. go a long way with employees.

7. Give them the chance to lead:

Being a manager or a supervisor it is your job to motivate the team to do better and show them the reins. Let a team member take charge of different tasks, giving them such responsibilities will make them feel wanted.

8. Ensure a work-life balance

As a manager you must encourage your team to focus on their life apart from work. Encourage them to take regular breaks to ensure maximum productivity. Once in a while, motivate them to take a vacation. This will increase overall productivity and motivation.

9. Be open and transparent:

Being open and letting the team know what is happening at a higher level will give them a chance to ask questions and give feedback. This will let them know that they are part of the major decisions in the organization. Employees will not only be motivated but also more loyal to the organization

10. Lead by example:

Show your employees how invested you are in the company goals. Your enthusiasm and zest will encourage them to be the same way. You cannot expect them to be motivated if you aren’t leading by example.