How To Keep Your Employees Happy.

April 24th, 2018

The overall performance of any organization is based on a number of factors, one of the most important being motivated and happy employees. For an organization to move forward, it is vital that the people working within the organization work in harmony. Employees within an organization must be motivated to perform well and thus increase overall productivity.

Leaders and employers must be on the side of the employees from day one. They must understand that the growth of the organization is a team effort. Here’s what employers can do to boost employ motivation:

1. Build ownership within the team:

Employees must feel like they are part of the workplace and thus they must feel responsible for what is going on. Make employees team leaders for various projects and make them realize how they are contributing to the organization. The employees must feel responsible for how the entire organization is providing to its customers.

2. Keep them in the loop:

Communicating with employees is of utmost importance. They must be kept in the loop when anything big happens with the organization. They should be kept informed if the organization is undergoing major changes. This will help them realize that they are a part of the bigger picture.

3. Encourage feedback:

Don’t implement a program and let it be from there. Constantly ask your employees for feedback regarding the program. Ask them what is working for them and what is not. They must know that you are concerned about how the program is affecting them and if it is providing the benefits it is meant to or not.

4. Trust employees enough to leave their comfort zones:

Employers must build a relationship based on trust with their employees. They must encourage them to venture outside their comfort zone and trust them to do so successfully. Not many employees would want to do a certain task repeatedly. Thus, employers must grant their employees new responsibilities.

5. Align office space with culture:

It is vital for the office space to be one where employees feel comfortable. It should be a distraction-free environment to ensure an increase in productivity. This arrangement should be in alignment with the office culture. Some organizations might have employees who thrive in open communication and thus require open spaces, while some may need a more quiet and personal space to work in.

6. Lead by example:

In order to keep your employees happy you must also be happy. You must be a good employer who sets clear expectations for the team and lead by example. Demonstrate the qualities and skills you want them to show in their workspace. Watching a happy employer will make them happy and in turn more productive at work.