Signs that you need to look for a new job.

April 17th, 2018

There might come a time in your career where you might feel lukewarm about your job. You may not be sure if you’re where you should be. At times, one waits too long to realize that the current job is not a good fit. Waiting too long can have a negative impact. During such a time, you need to watch out for the red flags. These are the vital signs that let you know that its time to leave your job before its too late. Here are a few signs that you should look out for:

1. You don’t get along with your reporting manager:

It is challenging to work under a manager who you dislike. If this is the case, there is a high chance that your manager reciprocates the feelings. It is important to get along with your manager at a professional level as constant nagging and discouragement will only reduce productivity.

2. You have been passed over for promotions:

If such a case has occurred more than once, then it is a major red flag. In such a scenario, you need to first understand the reason for the same. If there is no specific reason then it might not be a good sign. Getting passed over for promotions when colleagues with less experience are getting promoted is especially demoralizing.

3. Your boss or colleagues undermine your work:

You may be noticing that others are looking down upon projects you have worked on. They might be second guessing your work and not giving it any kind of value. This is a huge con and is not ideal work environment. In order to work well, you must be surrounded by encouragement. If such words of discouragement are a regular occurrence then you must ask yourself if the job is worth it.

4. There is no room for advancement:

Many a times, organizations do not allow any space for advancing to the next level. This may be for multiple reasons such as a flat organizational structure and this can hamper your ambitions. Such an example can be seen in many startups that do not have a structured hierarchy and may not allow you to move to the next level as you hoped you would.

5. The organization is letting go of talent:

Noticing others leaving and seeing new employees every time you check is a major red flag. An organization may not be as good as you hoped and this is evident once it is unable to hold on to talent. As the best workers start leaving and it’s more than a normal turnover, maybe it’s your turn to follow them out.

6. The organizational is not doing well:

If you observe consecutive quarters of layoffs, plummeting stock prices etc. then you must realize that there is a chance that the organization is tanking. Organizations do go through many ups and downs, but if your organization has been down for too long then you might need to consider leaving.

7. Unethical practices:

If you have come across recurrent unethical practices within the organization then you need to leave. You should not be associated with an organization that does not value honesty or play by the rules. Such an instance can be noticed in the recent Nirav Modi scam where the organization was practicing unethical means.