Corporate versus Startup: Which Has A Wider Scope In Career Development?

April 10th, 2018

During the process of looking for a job, one finds themselves considering different kinds of organizations. One of the job-search duels is between a corporate and a startup. These two vary in countless ways and have their own pros and cons. Gone are the days when big corporates were the undefeated leaders of the job market with the higher pay and stability. Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet and its associated technologies, the situation has changed. Startups are competing with established corporates and attracting talented employees and helping them grow.

However, both these organizations have their own advantages in terms of helping one in developing one’s career. Each has their own way of aiding career development.

Startups and how they aid career development

• They ensure more responsibility

Working at a startup usually implies working with a smaller team. Due to the size of the team, everyone is usually equipped with a different skillset and approaches tasks in a different manner. This in turn gives everyone more responsibility for their own area of expertise. It pushes employees to be more versatile and more productive while working on projects. Hence, being responsible for more work helps in the path of career development.

• Versatility

Startups offer the chance to branch out into various areas. It allows employees to try on different hats and try their hand at a lot of things. This can help employees feel comfortable and skilled in several areas of work. It is a learning experience and also an opportunity to see what is it that you actually want to do.

• Building a network

When working in a startup you get the chance to interact with diverse people. This will help you in building your own network for future endeavors. Being part of a small team will give you the opportunity to personally interact with the clients your startup is working with.

Corporates and how they aid career development

• Systematic workspace

Working at a corporate implies working within a strict structure. This can aid in developing skills such as time management. Systematic working can eventually lead to efficient completion of tasks. You will be able to take on projects in an orderly manner and complete them on time.

• Corporates offer healthy competition

When working for a corporate, you get the chance to experience healthy competition with those around you. Competition is essential for one to grow and develop in one’s career. Corporates offer the ideal space for such a chance and competition that will eventually help you perform better and grow.

• Corporates offer a chance to advance within the organization

A major incentive that helps employees perform better in a corporate is the chance to move to a higher level. This is vital to help employees develop and grow in their area of expertise. There is a lot of scope to grow within the same organization and thus, build a strong career.

Work for a startup at least once in your career - Though the debate between the two remains, as they each have their own ways to help career development it is said by many that working for a startup at least once is important for everyone’s career. Even though both offer many chances to develop, a startup brings a lot more to the table and opens up your mind.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day what matters more is that one needs to make the most of the opportunity one has in front of them.