Role Of Artificial Intelligence In the Recruitment Process

April 3rd, 2018

Experts agree that artificial intelligence is reshaping the recruitment process and changing its future.

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence has gradually made its way into areas that one could not have possibly imagined. It has worked its way into domains that were considered to be driven by humans. This task-reducing technology is making all sorts of responsibilities easier.

One such area in an organizational set up is the recruitment process. The future of recruitment will rely heavily on artificial intelligence, which simplifies the process in numerous ways. It is expected to be a timely and an efficient alternative for organizations. AI is dominating dialogue across the recruitment spectrum. It can automate many arduous responsibilities and provide time for more meaningful interactions. Its application has only increased over time in the recruitment process.

1. AI for screening

One of the best recruiting tools is to automate screening as it helps solve the issues of too much volume. It helps recruiters sift through the large number of resumes as high volume job postings receive a large number of resumes with a major chunk of them being ignored. The automated screening software uses AI to understand what a suitable candidate looks like based on the organization’s previous hiring decisions.

2. Recruitment chatbots

This recently introduced technology has gained popularity amongst recruiters. It uses a natural language processing to interact like a human. It ensures real time communication with the candidates helping them with any issues. Organizations are now using it to answer questions about the profile, giving feedback and scheduling interviews. It is majorly used when running short on time, to make sure that the candidate is still kept in the loop.

3. Sourcing previous candidates

Candidate rediscovery is the process of extracting existing resumes in the database to look for previous applicants. This is used to look for potential candidates for a current requirement. This tool is different from a keyword search due to its use of AI to understand the current requirements and in turn looking for a suitable candidate.

4. Specific targeting for jobs

A trend that has come up in the recruitment process is that of targeted job descriptions. This includes re-targeting candidates and advertising to those candidates who have visited the company website previously. This also includes geo-targeting, which is targeting based on location. Tools using AI are able to help with this process of super targeting job advertisements.

5. Marketing tool to ensure recruitment

Organizations are required to market their recruitment using methods such as targeted messages and tech-enabled automation. This will attract candidates who have not applied for the job. Marketing tools using AI will help build brand awareness and create interest in the new job openings.