Tips To Deal With Workplace Harassment.

Harassment makes us feel uncomfortable and very unsafe. It hampers with one’s emotions and self esteem. Dealing with harassment at the workplace is sometimes overlooked and goes by unnoticed by many. It should be taken seriously as it can cause repercussions in the long run. Harassment can range from offensive jokes, name calling to uninvited comments. Everyone should be aware of what counts as harassment and should know how to deal with it. Organizations have different policies to deal with work place harassment, yet there are a few methods that are constant and should be used during such circumstances:

#1 Make use of company resources
The first step must be to check the organization’s policy on workplace harassment. You must know your own rights, as they say “ The only rights you have are the ones that you know about”. Therefore, you must review your organization’s harassment policy in the Employee handbook. You must confirm what counts as workplace harassment and what does not according to your organization and in turn learn your rights if faced with the same.

#2 Collect information and keep a record of what happened
Before reporting such cases, you should be prepared with enough information as proof. Map out the vial people and situations when you believe you have been harassed. Keep all the situations in mind and make sure you are not making any false allegations against someone. Writing down exactly what happened as soon as you experience an act of harassment is vital. Being as specific as possible helps to maintain a record of the situation. This will also help in maintaining accuracy while reporting the incidents.

#3 Assert yourself
At the end of the day, it is your decision to speak up if someone as work puts you down. You must ask yourself- ‘Do you feel comfortable telling them that you dislike the way they treat you?’ Being assertive is not that easy but it is vital to take responsibility for speaking up for yourself. Otherwise, the behavior might go on and pile up till its too late to raise your voice.

#4 Get together with co-workers
If you are not the only one facing the harassment, collect those who have undergone the same. Ask them to gather information and keep a record of what has been happening. This can help in simply talking it out or getting together and raising your voice.

#5 Ask for help from your friends and family
Harassment can take a toll on your personal life and health. Talk to supportive friends and family about it. They might be able to guide you or just lend a ear. You must not feel alone and let other know that you need support during this difficult time.

#6 Take care of yourself and know when to walk away
Apart from asking for help, you must also take care of yourself as this might lead to stress, physical illnesses etc. Take out time to look after yourself and do things apart from work to take your mind off of it. If the situation is getting out of hand, you must know that it is time to walk away.