Negotiating skills that will help you with your next appraisal

When that time of the year arrives for companies to consider everything you have accomplished year – round as an employee, you sit with your fingers crossed to hope for enough motivation to continue working. Appraisal cycles can be a good time for you, as long as you know how to make the most of it and get what you deserve. If you’re not one of those, here are a few tips to sharpen your negotiating skills to help you with your next appraisal:

#Highlight your achievements
Throughout the year, maintain a list of goals and when appraisal time is near compare these goals with what you’ve accomplished throughout the year. Make sure to focus on how you’ve reached your goals and possibly gone beyond your set goals. Blowing your own trumpet is not as easy as it sounds, but once you’ve written it down systematically, you will have valid points to show your manager. Remember to highlight every achievement, no matter how small.

#Demand new challenges
Insisting on new challenges will show your manager that you are looking for not only financial growth but also professional growth. This will draw light on the fact that you are ready to step up and challenge yourself. New goals and challenges are essential for your career path as well as the company’s. While doing so, make sure to take on challenges that match your responsibility.

#Focus on a vision
Being in the system for a few months, you must be familiar with the business unit and its plans. Looking at the same, formulate a clear vision on how you see your future in the company. Discuss this vision with your manager, taking inputs from him/her to create a sharper vision. This will show your determination to help the company grow along with yourself.

#Highlight your career independently
It is a possibility for your performance to be compared with the overall performance of the team. In a case where your performance has been good, while your team has performed otherwise, focus on your individual performance. Your performance in a team does hold importance, but if you know you have done your best yet the overall performance has not been up to the mark then don’t let that undermine your worth. Focus on your career path and the tasks you have been able to accomplish, let the manager know that you understand the mediocre team performance but you did your best as an employee.

#Know your value
While discussing the appraisal with your manager, it is essential for you to know your value. Have the conversation with them in a way for you to communicate this to them. Consider all factors during the discussion – What is the average income of your industry peers in comparison to yours? How much do you expect to get paid if you look for a new job? Without you knowing your own worth, you won’t be able to negotiate your way to a well-deserved appraisal